Sam4S SPS-345


Cafeterias, Quick Service, Concessions, Ice Cream/Frozen Yogurt Stands, Sandwich, Pizza, Coffee, Bakery, Delis, Bars

Preset PLUs facilitate fast and accurate registrations. With 150 key locations, the flat, spill-resistant keyboard can easily accommodate large menus with preset keys for each item. Where menus change daily with breakfast, lunch or dinner times, the key-sheet under the overlay is easily exchanged. A simplified check tracking feature is available for bars and cafes (local register only).

Popular Components Included:

  • Thermal Printer(s): Choose a two-printer model (SPS-340, SPS-345) when a customer receipt and a traditional real-time printed journal is desired for transaction archival. The single printer model is best for receipt-only applications. If you choose the SPS-320 for printing receipts, you can record your journal electronically in the register’s memory. Both provide fast, quiet thermal printing. Drop-in loading simplifies paper changing and virtually eliminates paper jamming.
  • Electronic Journal: The journal can be archived electronically for printing at end-of-day, or can be collected on an SD card. A variety of electronic journal options are available that allow you to quickly audit selected activities.