Restaurant Regains Profit With Point of Sale

A couple came to us to talk about some of the issues that they have. They felt they are not making as much money as they should. We visited their store and investigated on how they handled the point of sale process and recommended the point of sale package that we felt would help them solve their issues. We also promised them that they would see their investment returned to them within the year.

We replaced their cash registers with three touch screen terminals and a kitchen printer. We custom programmed the terminals by putting their menu into the system. They quickly saw immediate saving. We were told that they saw savings of over $150.00 per day for the first week. The numbers increased from there and we were told that the package returned their investment in three months instead of a year. On the first year, they cut their food expenses over $20,000.00 and banked over $58,000.00 that they attribute to the new point of sale system.

The point of sale package has been in their restaurant since 2008. Even if they saw a decline in the number of their customers that first year because of the recession, their profits and savings acquired by using the pos system kept them in business.